Individual Offerings

Need additional 1:1 guidance? We are here for you to provide expert personalized consulting and healing experiences suited for your unique needs.

Personalized Program

*The Personalized Program is exclusively offered to Master Guide and Dual Resonance members!
  • Your Resonate Health Consultant creates a personalized program specifically designed to support you in aligning with your highest and greatest good to resonate health in all areas of your life
  • When booking, set your intention for the topic of your program for even more customization
  • Easily access your program through your member portal
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Consulting Offerings

20 min Integrative Consulting
  • This session will lead you in the right direction with whatever you need right now!
  • If you are a Resonate Health community member, this call is perfect for quick consulting and guidance
  • Aren’t sure if Resonate Health is right for you? Jump on a call with us to see if we are a good fit
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60 min Integrative Consulting

In this consulting session experience the Resonate Health approach one-on-one where you can receive specific recommendations, techniques and knowledge aligned with exactly what you need to optimize your health and resonance

  • If you are a member, this is a great opportunity to receive one-on-one help exploring the Master Guide and all it has to offer you 
    • Review your your programs and address any questions you may have regarding the performance of the techniques or recommendations
    • Receive support for clearing any blocks and limitations preventing you from tuning into your true inner guidance and knowing
    • Understand how to master your testing technique and create your own programs 
  • If you are not a member, take this opportunity to discuss your current health and wellness needs and receive expert guidance that is aligned with your highest and greatest good to achieve your goals
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60 min Nutrition Consulting
  • This Personalized Nutritional Consulting is ideal for the individual who wants:
    • To find the optimal foods to resonate health
    • A personalized supplement protocol
    • To explore what drives your specific food choices and behaviors that are rooted in the physical, emotional, mental and soul domains
    • To learn techniques to clear potential blocks that are holding you back from an easy and nourishing relationship with food
    • Empowerment in how to make the best nutritional decisions for yourself
  • Explore your nutritional patterns to determine what particular habits, foods and supplements need to be eliminated or modified and which ones can best support your unique health and resonance
  • Leave this session feeling confident, supported and ready to easily integrate your recommended nutritional resonance needs!
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Biofield Tuning Offerings

5-15 min Personalized Biofield Tuning Recording

These Personalized Biofield Tunings are sound recordings intended to balance whatever area of your life you choose!

YOU choose a specific intention, area or issue in your life you want to address.

WE - create a customized sound recording designed to vibrationally align and bring optimal resonance to your selected topic.

  • Each recording will vary between ~5-15 min depending on your unique resonance needs. You will be provided a recommended listening frequency and tips on how to use your recording for optimal effect!
  • No live connection, receive your recording once it is complete with your unique listening instructions
  • Using specific tones generated through tuning forks, this therapy clears congestion and stress in your energy field to bring you into optimal resonance and energetic alignment as per your intention.
  • Here are some potential topics to adapt to make your own:
    • Healing for or pain, stress or symptom management for___ (a specific physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual issue)
    • For optimal resonance and alignment with your highest and greatest good
    • Clarity in your career, work or next steps towards your true life purpose
    • Alignment and health for a relationship with your significant other, partner, friend, family member or colleague
  • The potential for these Personalized Biofield Tuning Recordings are limitless!
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60 min Live Biofield Tuning Session

Enjoy a relaxing guided Biofield Tuning energy therapy session to bring balance to all dimensions of your health- your body, heart, mind and soul. Just as it is important to workout your physical body, Biofield Tuning is a workout for your energy body!

  • Using specific tones generated through tuning forks, this therapy clears congestion and stress in your energy field to bring you into optimal energetic alignment.
  • Connect live, for your unique sound balancing session from the comfort of your own home and receive exactly what you need to shift into resonance!
  • Recipients report feeling calmer, relaxed, physically comfortable, energetically revitalized, more grounded and present after a session
  • During the session, sit or lay in a comfortable position, preferably in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed and listen to the integrative guidance and tuning forks as you receive a Biofield Tuning adjustment
  • Through Biofield tuning, long standing pain, tension and patterns of physical, emotional and mental stress can diminish, providing opportunities for profound transformation in your health and wellbeing. Your life’s experiences can knowingly (or unknowingly!) deplete your energy and leave you out of tune with yourself and your environment. This creates static and congestion within your biofield, leading to pain, stress, muscle tension and other health troubles.
  • Biofield Tuning works to clear out this dissonance, providing a coherent flow of energy within you allowing positive shifts to transpire within all dimensions of your health.
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Advanced Healing Offerings

90 min Integrative Guided Healing Ceremony

The ultimate body-heart-mind-soul ceremonial healing experience to shift your resonance to a new level

  • This guided healing experience is conducted in a ceremonial manner and has the potential to include:
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Inner child & "shadow" work
    • Biofield Tuning sound balancing
    • Body releases
    • Breath work
    • Postural Restoration Techniques
    • Visual imagery
    • Crystal healing and more!
  • If you are ready to heal at a deeper level and create real changes in your life that are aligned with your highest and greatest good, it's time you experience a transformational Resonate Health Integrative Guided Healing Ceremony!
  • If you are new to this type of integrative healing, schedule a 20 min consulting session for guidance
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Regenetics Activations

A series of DNA activations designed to upgrade your bio-energy blueprint and unlock your highest potential. Each one-time activation supports you in unimaginable ways as they unfold over months and years sparking incredible transformation in your life.

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  • Potentiation:
    • “Potentiation” is the first activation in the Regenetics series as it aims to facilitate your greatest healing potential via removing limiting distortions primarily within the bioenergy blueprint that correlates with your physical body.
    • Potentiation has a duration of 9 ½ months as it takes a significant amount of time to fully process and integrate these amazing changes that are occurring on multiple dimensions of your being.
    • Some reported benefits include increased energy; pain relief; parasite cleansing; allergy relief; physical strengthening; improved respiration; sharper thinking; better sleep; straighter posture; healthier urination; regular stools; stronger immunity; clearer skin; thicker hair; fewer migraines; clearer boundaries; healthier relationships; weight loss and greater serendipity.
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  • Articulation:
    • The second activation in the Regenetics Method is, “Articulation” which focuses on strengthening your newly reintegrated 2nd field as a result of Potentiation. One must be 5 months through Potentiation where the “fragmentary body” (likened to an energetic disruption in your 2nd field that creates distortion and separation within your perception of who you are) has been sealed.
    • Themes that relate to this field and activation include the oral cavity, reproductive systems, thyroid, bacteria and parasite pathogens, self-worth, shame, forgiveness, embarrassment, envy and creative expression. Because this is such a powerful activation and each recipient may require varying degrees of time to fully process, there is no time limit to it. Therefore, once activated it can essentially be running indefinitely throughout your life.
    • Some reported benefits from Articulation include youthful energy; mental sharpness; improved memory; clearer communication; increased creativity; heightened sexuality; easier periods; less PMS; less intellectualizing; enhanced intuition; meditative mindfulness; decreased acne; better exercise; greater flexibility; allergy elimination; and increased abundance.
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  • Elucidation:
    • The third Regenetics activation, Elucidation (9 ½ months duration), primarily addresses your emotional subtle body and thus emotional state of being. You must have fully completed Potentiation and be at least 1 month after Articulation to receive this life-changing activation.
    • Some reported benefits of Elucidation include increased self-love; more joy; trauma release; forgiveness; acceptance, authentic relationships; clearer life purpose; self-empowerment; hormonal regulation; fewer hot flashes; healthier joints; greater stamina and body wisdom.
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  • Transcension:
    • One is eligible for the final activation, Transcension (9 ½ months duration), after completion of Elucidation.
    • Transcension integrates the soul subtle energy body where themes of oneness, unity consciousness and unconditional love are at the forefront as even more kundalini energy is awakened within.
    • Some reported benefits include heightened faith; inner knowing; higher guidance; greater patience; peace and tranquility; youthing; professional transformation; dramatic abundance; and daily miracles.
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