Integrative Consulting

Are you looking for one-on-one guidance from an expert integrative health consultant to answer your questions and support you in receiving what you need for optimal health and resonance?

Do you struggle with pain, stress, health limitations or making sense of what you need for your health, relationships or to achieve your life goals? Not sure what approach or method is right for you and confused by conflicting health advice and overwhelming trends?

Resonate Health’s Integrative Consultants are here to answer your specific health, wellness and life questions, guide you through your therapeutic techniques and provide valuable intuitive insight to your healing journey!

These consultation calls are designed for the person who wants to understand themselves on a deeper level, live an empowered life and approach health in a new way, all at your convenience from home, nature or wherever you desire!


20 Minute Integrative Consulting


This 20 min Integrative Consulting Call will lead you in the right direction with whatever you need right now.

  • If you are a Resonate Health community member, this call is perfect for quick consulting and guidance.
  • Aren’t sure if Resonate Health is right for you? Jump on a call with us to see if we are a good fit.
  • Receive support through a specific part of your program, resonance technique or any aspect of your Resonate Health journey.
  • If you have more than a couple questions it is best to schedule a 60 min Integrative Consulting Call.
  • Leave this call with more clarity and alignment with your true resonance!

Remember as a Resonate Health Master Guide Member you have access to the Weekly Resonate Health Q & A Discussion Forum. Many may have similar questions so consider submitting your question here.


60 Minute Integrative Consulting


This 60 minute Integrative Consulting Call will answer all of your questions and support you with whatever you need right now to Resonate Health.

  • If you are a member, this is a great opportunity to receive one-on-one help exploring the Master Guide and all it has to offer you.
    • Review your programs and address any questions regarding the performance of specific techniques or recommendations
    • Receive support for clearing any blocks and limitations preventing you from tuning into your true inner guidance and knowing
    • Understand how to master your testing technique and create your own programs
    • Experience the Resonate Health approach one-on-one where you can receive specific recommendations, techniques and knowledge aligned with exactly what you need to optimize your health and resonance.
  • If you are not a member, take this opportunity to discuss your current health and wellness needs and receive expert guidance that is aligned with your highest and greatest good to achieve your goals.


60 Minute Nutritional Consulting


This Personalized Nutritional Consulting is ideal for the individual who wants:

  • To find the optimal foods to resonate health
  • A personalized supplement protocol
  • To explore what drives your specific food choices and behaviors that are rooted in the physical, emotional, mental and soul domains
  • To learn techniques to clear potential blocks that are holding you back from an easy and nourishing relationship with food
  • Empowerment in how to make the best nutritional decisions for yourself
  • To examine your nutritional patterns to determine what particular habits, foods and supplements need to be eliminated or modified and which ones can best support your unique health and resonance.

Leave this session feeling confident, supported and ready to easily integrate your recommended nutritional resonance needs!