The Resonate Health approach is suitable for anyone really looking to live a conscious and intentional life. If you have:
  • Physical symptoms-pain, fatigue, low energy, limited movement, poor digestion, disturbed/unrestful sleep
  • Emotional symptoms-depression, anxiety, frustration, stress, overwhelmed
  • Mental symptoms-Ruminating or intrusive thoughts, feeling disempowered in your life, difficulty setting boundaries and forming healthy relationships
  • Soul symptoms-feel unfulfilled in life, unsure of your life’s purpose or the meaning of life, feel disconnected from self, others and the world around
  • A readiness for change, openness for new perspectives
  • Difficulty being in the present moment and staying in flow with the ups and downs that life brings your way
Then the Resonate Health approach is for you!
  • Yes! If you have health issues you can still participate in the Resonate Health Membership and we believe the Resonate Health approach can help! Refer to our Conditions and Considerations information for specific health situations that need to be reviewed prior to signing up.
  • To be aware of the ways Resonate Health is able to appropriately support you, please refer to our Terms of Service.
  • The Resonate Health approach has the potential for profound and substantial healing and detox responses, if you have any questions regarding your appropriateness or safety in participation, Please contact us here.
  • The Master Guide is an eternally evolving source of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and alchemical techniques and resources. With the Master Guide Membership you have full access to all the materials and regular updates made to the guide. The guide is here to be used when you need it or as a resource to navigate the ups and downs of life.
  • If you are a Master Guide Member and feel you have really mastered the Resonate Health approach and Conscious Personal Mastery, and no longer desire access to the Resonate Health Master Guide then consider connecting with us to collaborate and/or join creative forces! Contact us.
Sure! You have the free will to choose the relationships you participate in and if you feel like Resonate Health is not a good fit for you at this time we support your decision to discontinue our relationship. Sometimes people need to pause or take a break and then return at a later time. We trust in the flow of what life brings our way or directs us to take another way. Before leaving, we would greatly appreciate some feedback as to why you are choosing to cancel at this time.
Access the Resonate Health Master guide through your membership portal dashboard, once you create a unique login.
  • This is about you! As much as we want to help others, healing is an individual choice experienced at our own pace. The more you resonate health within yourself the more that coherency will radiate into the life around you. If family or friends are called to explore this approach, we are here to guide them in healing themselves! Consider sharing Resonate Health as a gift this way!
  • Remember you are responsible for You, and have signed the Terms of Service, we trust you will respect our relationship boundaries just as we do.