Nutritional Consulting

Are you confused about which types of foods and supplements are best suited to your individual needs to support your health and resonance? Do you experience blocks preventing you from having a nourishing relationship with food?

It can be very confusing these days to negotiate the nutritional landscape and figure out what truly is good for your health.

Over our 10+ years of navigating the nutritional world on our own personal journeys as well as professionally working with our clients, we have tried all the different diets, supplements, trends, fads and even what the “scientific literature” touts. 

We have ultimately concluded that nutrition is an absolutely necessary and integral part of truly healing and restoring you to your true resonance and self. 

Every person is unique and is in a different stage of their nutritional journey. There is currently a vast amount of misinformation and advertisements out there using your emotions to get you hooked on various supplements, food and beverage products that unfortunately do not authentically support your health. It’s time to get clarity on nutritional information that actually helps and cares for you!

Many of us experience resistance (knowingly and unknowingly) to creating genuinely healthy eating and drinking habits, much of which is rooted in physiological and emotional attachments coupled with false beliefs surrounding food. We offer you an opportunity to finally bring these ingrained patterns to the surface so they can be authentically healed, thus opening you up to a whole new positive relationship with food and beverages.

60 Minute Nutritional Consulting


This Personalized Nutritional Consulting is ideal for the individual who wants:

  • To discover the optimal foods and beverages for you to resonate health
  • A personalized supplement protocol
  • To explore what drives your specific food choices and behaviors that are rooted in the physical, emotional, mental and soul domains
  • To learn techniques to clear potential blocks that are holding you back from an easy and nourishing relationship with food
  • Empowerment in how to make the best nutritional decisions for yourself
  • Leave this session feeling confident, supported and ready to easily integrate your recommended nutritional resonance needs!