Regenetics- Bioenergy Blueprint Repatterning

Are you interested in super-charging your healing trajectory and diving in deep? Have you tried tons of different healing approaches but still aren’t where you want to be? Then the Regenetics method may be just what you are looking for!

The Regenetics method is a biofield-based technique developed by Sol and Leigh Luckman and can be read about in more detail in “Conscious Healing” and “Potentiate your DNA” by Sol Luckman. To learn more about what biofield therapies are please refer here. To witness an amazing Regenetics case study refer here.

The Regenetics method utilizes intention and vowel sounds at specific frequencies to activate a systematic bioenergy blueprint repatterning which works to clear out any distortions within certain dimensions of your biofield that may be negatively impacting your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health.

The intention behind the Regenetics activations is that they are ultimately DNA activations and through the repatterning of your bioenergy blueprint your non-coding DNA (“junk DNA”-as termed by scientists) will begin to re-express itself in a way that aligns with your highest potential. Science has yet to fully understand the function of the 97% of our genetic material that does not specifically code for proteins. From the Regenetics perspective, it is this “junk” DNA that actually modulates how your body expresses the other 3% of coding DNA and thus the manifestation of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

Image reproduced with permission from “Potentiate your DNA”


There are 4 primary activations within the Regenetics method which take a total of ~2.5 years to fully work through (if done consecutively without a break). It is not required to complete all of the activations but most people end up doing so as they want to continue to experience the positive changes and health benefits associated with them. For individuals who are fully committed to unlocking their true self and highest potential it is recommended to undergo Regenetics in tandem with your Resonate Health experience as they will reinforce and integrate with one another. This is particularly the case if comes up for you when navigating the Master Guide.

The first activation is called “Potentiation” as it aims to facilitate your greatest healing potential via removing limiting distortions primarily within the bioenergy blueprint that correlates with your physical body. Potentiation has a duration of 9 ½ months as it takes a significant amount of time to fully process and integrate these amazing changes that are occurring on multiple dimensions of your being. Some reported benefits include increased energy; pain relief; parasite cleansing; allergy relief; physical strengthening; improved respiration; sharper thinking; better sleep; straighter posture; healthier urination; regular stools; stronger immunity; clearer skin; thicker hair; fewer migraines; clearer boundaries; healthier relationships; weight loss and greater serendipity. You may refer to this case study to see the incredible healing power Potentiation can unlock.

Image reproduced with permission from “Potentiate your DNA”

The second activation, “Articulation,” focuses on strengthening your newly reintegrated 2nd field as a result of Potentiation. One must be 5 months through Potentiation where the “fragmentary body” (likened to an energetic disruption in your 2nd field that creates distortion and separation within your perception of who you are) has been sealed. Themes that relate to this field and activation include the oral cavity, reproductive systems, thyroid, bacteria and parasite pathogens, self-worth, shame, forgiveness, embarrassment, envy and creative expression. Because this is such a powerful activation and each recipient may require varying degrees of time to fully process it, there is no time limit to it. Therefore, once activated it can essentially be running indefinitely throughout your life. Some reported benefits from Articulation include youthful energy; mental sharpness; improved memory; clearer communication; increased creativity; heightened sexuality; easier periods; less PMS; less intellectualizing; enhanced intuition; meditative mindfulness; decreased acne; better exercise; greater flexibility; allergy elimination; and increased abundance.

The third activation, Elucidation (9 ½ months duration), primarily addresses your emotional subtle body and thus emotional state of being. You must have fully completed Potentiation and be at least 1 month after Articulation to receive this life-changing activation. Some reported benefits of Elucidation include increased self-love; more joy; trauma release; forgiveness; acceptance, authentic relationships; clearer life purpose; self-empowerment; hormonal regulation; fewer hot flashes; healthier joints; greater stamina and body wisdom.

One is eligible for the final activation, Transcension (9 ½ months duration), after completion of Elucidation. Transcension integrates the soul subtle energy body where themes of oneness, unity consciousness and unconditional love are at the forefront as even more kundalini energy is awakened within. Some reported benefits include heightened faith; inner knowing; higher guidance; greater patience; peace and tranquility; youthing; professional transformation; dramatic abundance; and daily miracles.

The first three activations (Potentiation, Articulation and Elucidation) are 30 minutes in duration while Transcension typically takes 45-55 minutes. Once complete, the bioenergy repatterning program will automatically run without any additional interference required by the facilitator. In a way, the initial activation could be likened to the “download” of the program which will then run automatically over the course of the activation’s time frame.

It is important to note that the success of an activation is influenced by the degree of commitment and readiness of the recipient for multi-dimensional healing. On a conscious level, it is important for the recipient to truly desire change within themselves and be open to whatever that process may bring up. This can help unlock the underlying unconscious blocks that may be limiting you.

It is not necessary for you to fully understand the nuts and bolts of the activation and you can even be somewhat skeptical of it. You simply must be at a place where you are willing and wanting to change any limiting patterns within yourself. As the Regenetics programs proceed, your highest human potential can unfold. In a way, it facilitates you to become the best version of yourself.

Throughout Potentiation and the subsequent activations, it is possible to experience detox reactions that can be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual in nature. Examples of detox reactions are heightened emotions, rashes, flu or cold-like symptoms, pain and relationship disruptions as you reorganize yourself in a more aligned manner to your highest good. You may even experience dramatic epiphanies prompting you to make significant positive changes in your life. 

These detox responses are really healing reactions as your system gains the ability and strength to clear out any chronic pathogenic infections, toxins, beliefs, emotions, relationships and/or situations you may have that are limiting your potential and highest expression of yourself. Thus, by strengthening and systematically clearing out the different levels of your bioenergy blueprint, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects become healthier and in resonance.



According to the Regenetics Method, humans have 9 different energy fields whereas each field codes for specific genetic material, glands, organs, systems, toxins, micro-organisms and emotions. If there is enough distortion in a particular field, certain conditions and diseases may occur that are related to that field.

For example, the 2nd field corresponds to the reproductive organs, oral cavity (mouth), thyroid gland, bacterial and parasite toxins and emotions such as embarrassment, shame, jealousy and envy. If there is enough distortion in this field, it is possible to have any of the following conditions: thyroid disease, dental problems, fertility issues, chronic bacterial/parasite infections, and/or orofacial dysfunction.

The Regenetics process is not a purely passive mechanism but an active learning process embracing the concept of “conscious personal mastery” where an individual gains increased conscious awareness of their relationship with their true self and the world around them.

This includes developing an appropriate sense of safety and security, improved communication and boundaries, heightened self-worth and acceptance and authentic awareness of one’s true desires and sources of creativity. As a result, a healthier relationship is formed within yourself as well as your relationships with others and beyond. This sets the stage for deep transformational physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

The first step in “conscious personal mastery” is to set your goals and intentions in a positive and affirmative manner. For example, instead of “I will move without pain” phrasing the goal as “I move with freedom, ease, balance, and comfort” will better set the intention. Instead of what you don’t want, consider what do you want in your life?

How do you want to feel? What do you want to do? Create? How do you want your relationships to be? The possibilities are infinite and ultimately it is your choice. You have the power to co-create your reality. Furthermore, these desires can evolve as you do so your goals may change over time.

Being aware of your goals and open to healing will help direct and facilitate the Regenetics process. Visualization of yourself manifesting them can be very powerful towards helping you achieve them. What also tends to happen during Regenetics is that other therapies, decisions or actions come into your life to help support and guide you along your journey. “Serendipity” seems to occur more regularly.

Finally, research has shown that feelings of love and gratitude have a positive impact on your DNA. Because Regenetics is ultimately enabling you to genetically express your best self, this can be further enhanced via experiencing the emotions of love and gratitude for not only others but yourself as well.








Each activation is performed remotely at a specific designated time. There is NO telephone call for us to connect. During your scheduled time, your activation is performed in a ceremonial manner that combines intoning and thinking special linguistic codes at specific frequencies.

You are advised to be in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed focusing on your intention for the activation as well as feeling love and gratitude.

Within 1-2 days after your session, you will receive a follow-up email from us outlining the timeline and schematic of your activation.