Personalized Program

If you are ready to receive exactly what you need to shift into optimal resonance with your highest and greatest good, schedule your Personalized Program now!

Imagine that feeling of getting exactly what you needed, when you needed it, even when you never knew you needed it. The answer was that simple. Feel that inner spark of light when you have finally found yourself living beyond a previous uncertain stressful life block…now feeling alignment, clarity and optimal energy filling every area of your life.

The Personalized Program is exactly what you are looking for if you want to get the specific healing techniques and health recommendations you need right now that integrate all aspects of your being, in one place. Your personalized Resonate Health program is a unique resonance recipe designed specifically for you. It doesn’t get any more efficient, effective and customized than this!

Enjoy your curated program of techniques from the Resonate Health Master Guide, all provided in a simple easy format with your personalized resonance recipe details. Experience the convenience and comfort of performing your program in your home or any setting of your choice.

Member Price | $66


The Resonate Health Master Guide is an eternally evolving source of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and alchemical techniques and resources. We figure out what you need, in the optimal intensity, order and frequency to support your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul so you can, Resonate Health!

Your program will be delivered via email and will be in your Resonate Health portal by 5pm on the day you register, if not sooner. There is no live connection at your scheduled time, this is when we begin creating your program.

This is perfect for you if you are looking to get access to the specific resources and tools you need to make an aligned shift to resonate health. If you are able to independently follow guided audio, video and written material and want to get started, schedule your Resonate Health Personalized Program now!



If you desire more guidance through a personalized program, how to make your own or have questions on the Resonate Health approach or our offerings, consider an Integrative Consulting session.