03. Law of One Tarot Self-Reflection

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Using tarot cards has the potential to bring insight and guidance into your life that you may otherwise miss or fail to integrate. The cards represent a mixture of experiences and encounters that every human will likely go through in their lifetime. 

By pulling tarot cards with a certain intention, you can receive any necessary information or message that you need right now to support your life path. You do not have to be spiritual or or even open to psychic fortune telling as this is not the point of this information. It is just a different way to understand, process and learn from what is going on in your life right now.


There are 78 Cards in the deck; 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana: represents life and its primary stages that everyone experiences.

The Minor Arcana: represents the people, events, and feelings that every person encounters in their life. The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits, each associated with one of the elements that take on the symbolism and essence of the corresponding element.

  • Wands to Fire
  • Cups to Water
  • Pentacles to Earth
  • Swords to Air


The 22 Major Arcana:

The 56 Minor Arcana:

Tarot Life Insight and Guidance Self-Reflection Exercise:
  1. Procure your own Tarot deck and explanation book. Find your deck in the shop if you don't already have one.
  2. Set your intention before pulling any card. 
    1. You can be specific to a current life situation, question, issue/problem, etc. For example:
      1. “I set the intention to pull the card that is in my highest and greatest good to receive right now that relates to my dissatisfaction in my job .” 
    2. You can also be more open where you set the intention to receive whatever is best for you at the time: 
      1. “I set the intention to pull the card that is in my highest and greatest good to receive right now.” 
  3. Use your testing technique to determine how to use the cards and what spread option to use from the 4 options below. Then use the list provided of the 78 cards to select the card titles you need right now.
  1. Journal the information that came up so you may reflect over time.

Initiate this meditation process within the next 3-4 days, performing it as guided in each step above. After you complete the entire process once, perform as often as desired. *Unless otherwise directed

    • Optionally, use your testing technique to determine if you need another round to cut from another person or to determine other details of this process.
    • Refer to the Resonate Health Meditation Tips to optimize your experience.


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