What is Conscious Personal Mastery?


  • Awake, aware, alive and intentional
  • Knowing your greater connection to All that is and the mind of the universe


  • Understanding who you truly are including your gifts, mission and purpose
  • Expression of your unique irreducible self and resonance


  • Integration of duality, of the dark and light, masculine and feminine within you and All there is
  • Embodiment of pure light, unconditional love and source energy

Conscious Personal Mastery is living integration. As a human being this encompasses:

  • Intentional breath and form
  • Movement with living purpose
  • Choices that align with knowing your soul and connection to All that is
  • Embodiment of your true resonance and flow

This means you are living your life aligned with the most authentic version of yourself and sharing your unique essence with the world. You experience optimal resonance within your body, heart, mind and soul. You embody more conscious intentional mastery within every breath and blink.


  • Consciously know all the choices available to you in the moment, navigating them with wise discernment
  • Acknowledge and integrate the duality within yourself and the world
  • Whenever you are thrown off center, you have the ability to regain your balance and find neutrality
  • Harness the power from the energy that naturally moves through your body to optimally serve you and your highest and greatest good
  • Understand the language of your physical sensations, heart emotions, mental perceptions and soul’s intuition
  • Resource what you need to optimally attune to your true resonance, inner self and connection to source and unconditional love
  • Anchor your resonance in your body as you embody your true self, soul essence and spirit
  • Express yourself and share your gifts to be of service to the light and greater good
Let’s consider the quote below regarding being an “Adept” which is akin to what we may refer to as “conscious personal mastery.”

“Someone is considered an Adept, who has reached through the systematical schooling of body, soul and spirit to such a high degree of consciousness, that she/he is able to contact her/his own divine SELF. The (adept student) leads themself through constant Self-Knowledge toward a higher consciousness. By the cognition of their thoughts and abilities, the student starts to school and empower her/his own latent capabilities. Thus the (adept) develops a rising independence from external influences by the growing power over themselves, their spirit and their soul. By this rising independence the (student) becomes more and more capable to project their will on their surroundings. Also the reach of their senses is expanding more and more, so that the higher spheres come into her/his reach. Everyone has to walk the way toward adepthood alone, a group can only be a companion but never a trailblazer. Eventually the student expands her/his consciousness to such heights that she/he is capable of getting into contact with Divine Providence, getting face to face with her/his divine Self. Then she/he has become an Adept and all spheres are into her/his reach. Her/His word becomes a creational act: “As above so below!” (From http://hermeticscience.de/the-concept-of-the-adepthood-in-hermetics-first-thoughts/)

In other words, the path to “adepthood” invokes our abilities and empowerment to manifest as we truly desire without being limited by false perceptions about ourselves and our world. We learn to become the best version of ourselves. This process is unique for each of us and is predicated on our free will and choice to walk such a pathway. Such a decision is a courageous one as the path towards self-discovery is not without its challenges to merit its rewards. As the reality is it can be painful to truly confront all the parts of our “Self” particularly our “shadow” aspects.

To get to the “heart” of our “Self,” we may refer to an outer and an inner courtyard within us.

You come into the outer courtyard of your own heart when you are ready at last to face your shadow self. Whatever you have not yet recognized or developed within your full personality meets you in the courtyard of the open heart. It is here that you will find your shadow self. In order to enter the inner sanctum of your own heart, you must do the work of greeting, understanding, accepting, feeling compassion for, and eventually redeeming every bit of undeveloped light that is part of yourself.” (Living the Law of One, by Carla Reuckert)

Although challenging, confronting of the Self by the self is cathartic, and can lead to an exciting sensation of "starting over" on much stronger footing as your foundation of who you thought you were loses its distortion.

Conscious personal mastery uses the twin creational energies of free will and unconditional love to alter your consciousness and your physiology. This is how your health issues may become healed via this process. Therefore, as you heal it is possible to experience some level of physical and emotional detoxification as toxins, pathogens and hormones associated with your pain, stuck energy, emotions and self-limiting beliefs are released.

Achieving a state of conscious personal mastery does not mean that you will never experience any further challenges, loss or difficulties in your life. It means that you have the ability to consciously navigate such storms and periods of darkness channeling the light you have within. As you emerge and rise up out of the chaos, you beam even brighter than before, illuminating the amazing power and beauty of You and All there is.