What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield tuning, a type of sound healing, is an energy therapy which uses sound and vibration to bring balance and resonance to your body. Using specific frequencies generated through tuning forks, this technique clears congestion and stress from your biofield to revitalize your energy system and promote multidimensional health and wellness.

Your biofield is the energetic blueprint of the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual aspects of you. It envelops you and is embedded within every cell and particle of your body.

Your biofield is the sum of the vibration and movement of each of the cells in your body and represents the status of your overall health and energy flow. Your body acts as a central channel of energy flowing up and down expanding out into your energy field which surrounds you in a toroidal shape, like a donut.

In some ways, your biofield is analogous to the "Cloud" for your phone or any smart device. Just like the Cloud, your biofield stores information, memories, and experiences within the torsional flow of energy surrounding you. It is an intelligent structure that files and holds data in certain areas of the field depending on the information received and the feeling or perception associated with it. It’s just like how the cloud stores different experiences or moments in different folders. 

Your biofield also holds information in chronological order; the outermost edge indicates the beginning of your life and the most central point represents the present moment. Everything you have ever experienced in your life is held within your biofield or "your personal cloud," as well as within the cells and particles of your body. 


Exposure to (or perceived exposure to) internal or external stress, toxins, and/or trauma, whether momentarily or chronically, can create areas of incoherently stored files within your biofield. These areas hold disorganized information which distorts the flow of energy and fills your biofield with stagnant blockages.

Just like having too many apps running in the background draining your battery, these areas of congestion deplete your energy whether you are aware of it or not!

When there is too much congestion or static in your field, the integrity of your whole being drops leading to a state of dis-ease and dysregulation. This can be seen as a lack of energy, pain, stress, muscle tension, dysfunctional movement patterns, physical or mental inflexibility and much more. Stagnant energy ultimately creates poor communication between your body-heart-mind-soul energy fields leading to susceptibility to sickness, disease and dysfunction.

Because the cells of your body and the biofield are interconnected, the sound from the tuning forks clears out these areas of dissonance, providing a coherent flow of energy within your biofield and ultimately within the cells of your body.

This allows you to release and let go of any energetic physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual patterns that are weighing you down and no longer benefiting you. Clearing and balancing your biofield provides an opportunity for profound transformation in your health and wellbeing. Just like organizing your cloud files and managing your storage space to allow for all of your devices to effortlessly sync. 

Everyone is unique and will have a different experience during and after a biofield tuning session. Sometimes subtle energy shifts in your biofield initially go unnoticed but as we become more "in-tune" with ourselves we tend to have more conscious awareness of these beneficial adjustments. Recipients typically report feeling calmer, relaxed, more grounded or centered and feel an overall reduction or elimination of tension, pain and discomfort after a session.

Biofield tuning is a unique modality that can be received in person or at a distance, similar to how we can access the cloud anywhere, share files and work simultaneously on documents. Due to the non-local nature of energy, a biofield tuning adjustment only requires sound and intention in order to be effective. 

Biofield tuning can be utilized as needed to support you in specific areas of your life or consistently for self-care and wellness maintenance. At Resonate Health, we incorporate guided postures, movement, breathing, and visualization techniques with biofield tuning to facilitate body-heart-mind-soul unification in our Biofield Tuning Membership. This allows you to simultaneously process, release and re-pattern within all dimensions of yourself allowing full body integration and resonance.

Biofield Tuning is a beautiful and effective way to support your overall health and wellbeing simply by tuning in and listening. Our ultimate intention at Resonate Health is to restore balance to all dimensions of your health and support you in achieving your goals.