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What your co-creators, Heather and Kori, have found through their experience of working with thousands of patients and clients as doctors of physical therapy is that the key to being able to embody authentic health, vitality and a genuine knowing of who you are is actually all about your inherent resonance on all levels of your being.

Your body is composed of trillions and trillions of particles which are in perpetual motion. They are actually spinning and vibrating which in turn generates waves of energy creating your energy field, or what is scientifically referred to as your biofield. The degree to which your particles and biofield are in tune, and in harmony with one another, determines their quality of resonance. This in turn correlates to your inherent level of health and well-being.


Your true resonance pattern is a blueprint of who you are. In a way it’s your unique digital code of frequency and vibration. This includes not just your physical state of being but also your emotional, mental and even your soul dimensions. Ideally, your resonance is in harmony and coherent, allowing you to express and experience yourself fully, within all dimensions of your being. When you are out of resonance in any area or aspect of yourself, your vibrational resonance is also out of tune with your inner truth. Imbalances, blocks and dis-ease arise from being in a false illusion of yourself and denying your real self and true resonance pattern.

On the micro level, you have your quantum level resonance but this pattern of innate oscillation also extends to the macro level and your ability to fluidly shift within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. For example, your body needs to be able to move freely in 3 dimensions of movement, forward, backward, side to side and rotation. This is essentially what needs to happen when you walk and chew, two of our most primal physical functions.

However, the majority of us modern humans have lost the ability to authentically oscillate our bodies freely. Our bodies are tight and restricted with tension, torque and twist, seen in something as simple as chewing more on one side, spending more time on one leg when walking, or even seeing a difference in your eye level or shoulder height. What many do not realize is the impact this has on your nervous system, breathing, digestion, lymphatic circulation, immune health, sleep, mental and emotional state and more. Authentic physical body resonance is absolutely essential to your health.

Your ability to be fully centered and exhibit resonance in your physical body is the foundation for your emotional resonance. Let’s consider what emotions are. The neurotransmitter particles generating these waves of energy exist to inform you as to how you truly feel about your internal and external experience of reality. Emotional energy works as a feedback mechanism to help guide your choices and behaviors. Therefore, in order to make the best decisions for yourself, it is essential for you to be in tune with your emotional resonance. This includes both the positive and the negative domains of your emotional nature.

However, most of us are cut off from and don’t know how to appropriately work with our innate emotional intelligence, particularly our shadow, the perceived negative side of our emotions. For many generations our modern ways of living support distraction, denial and repression of emotional intelligence and many have never had the opportunity to learn the ways in which their emotional energy can serve and notify you to illuminate deeper truths. Many of us, knowingly or unknowingly, are holding stuck, trapped emotional energy and patterns which bring you out of resonance, health and ultimately your ability to know who you truly are.

Your emotional resonance is connected to your mind’s underlying beliefs and attitudes about who you are and how you relate to the world around you. When you have emotional static and are holding onto unprocessed emotions such as fear, anger or sadness this correlates to your perception and mindset of how safe, secure, worthy and empowered you are. These self-limiting beliefs can get you stuck and further entrenched in cyclical patterns of self-sabotage, victim consciousness and difficulty taking responsibility for your life. When you have enough foundational physical and emotional coherence you are able to truly acknowledge and witness these thought patterns and thus shift the state of your mind back to the truth of how empowered you really are when in your authentic resonance.

Your soul is akin to your higher self, the most evolved and luminous version of who you are, your unique irreducible self. It is your source of pure unconditional love, the most coherent and powerful vibration there is. As you fortify your physical, emotional, mental resonance you unlock your connection to this amazing source of creative energy. This fuels your purpose and knowing of who you really are and enables you to healthily express your innate gifts with the world.

When you are in resonance, you are able to truly be in flow with the tides and currents that life brings your way. You are able to be genuinely present within your physical self, emotions, thoughts and connection to your higher self. This level of conscious personal mastery enables you to successfully navigate your life, learn and eternally evolve.

Resonate Health exists to guide you along your journey of discovering your unique resonance pattern and shedding any static or dissonance that is blocking you from your true potential and health. We have created the Resonate Health Master Guide to provide you with all the body, heart, mind, soul and conscious personal mastery techniques, tools, knowledge and resources you need to enable you to find your innate resonance so you can be free to be You and to live your life in health.

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