Resonate Health Master Guide Membership

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Would you love to experience freedom and health within every aspect of yourself and your life? Would you love to have access to the ultimate master guide on body, heart, mind and soul healing and transformation?

Do you struggle with pain, health limitations, anxiety, stress, or being present in the moment? Do you feel like you know there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

Well relax and exhale, the Resonate Health Master Guide is here for you!

Imagine, right now feeling and experiencing each day as being in flow, confident and empowered in your health experience, supported with the tools, knowledge and skills you need to find alignment, clarity and optimal energy filling every area of your life…you feel inspired by your new health story and way of being.

Welcome to Resonate Health!

Our all-encompassing virtual memberships will help you rewrite your health story, transform your life experiences and live a life aligned with your soon to be discovered, true self.

We are so excited to share with you the Resonate Health Master Guide Membership!

Our synergized online Resonate Health Master Guide will help you re-write your health story and transform your life experiences to live a life aligned with your soon to be discovered, true self.

Our memberships are designed for the person who is ready to truly integrate their healing experience on all levels of their being, body-heart-mind-soul within the comfort and convenience of your own home!

This Membership is designed for the person who wants to learn how to take their healing to an empowered and deeper level, all experienced at your convenience from the comfort of your home, nature or wherever you desire.

The Master Guide Membership gives you the tools you need to understand your own health patterns, create positive opportunities and live aligned with your real purpose. Learn how to shift your resonance through curiosity and be in flow within every aspect of yourself.

What we noticed working with thousands of patients and clients, is that when you really listen to yourself, you have all the answers you need within. We want to teach you how to tune in and empower yourself to make your own choices to explore your life and health story with curiosity. We want you to have all the tools you need to support your optimal resonance and live the life you desire.

We will do this by giving you access to and teaching you how to use the Resonate Health Master Guide, an eternally evolving library of body-heart-mind-soul resources, tools and techniques. Anything you need is in there!

We refuse to follow “outdated rules” that perpetuate a system of fragmented and unempowered health paradigms. We want to teach you how to unlock these control mechanisms that separate you from your natural inherent healing powers - and break you out of the tiny little box where you miss out on all the magic! You are powerful with the full potential to realize your true irreducible unique self as you rewrite your health story!

The Resonate Health Master Guide explores new paradigms and ways of being that create coherency in your life, work with your living style and illuminate your innate healing power. Get out of your own way, it’s time to realize the full potential of your irreducible unique self as you rewrite your health story!

We’ll help you to understand your own health and life patterns from a totally new perspective. We teach you to create your own program, give you everything you need in the Master Guide, and are here to help you navigate these transformational tools. Learn to find flow in a health and wellness approach that empowers you to be the best you!

We understand and have lived our own experiences when healing can feel overwhelming and a struggle to find the right help, guidance or results. We are here to tell you we will be a steady, pure source along your journey of self discovery as you rewrite your health story.


Do you ever feel?
  • You keep getting shuffled around from one type of health care practitioner to another but don’t really feel any better?
  • You are overwhelmed and confused about what type of healing approach you need?
  • Frustrated in that you keep having the same issues and experiences over and over again no matter what you try, what test they run or diagnosis is given?
  • As if your health isn’t that great but you don’t really know what to do about it?
  • As if you wish your healthcare providers had a more holistic approach to support all your needs?
Do you wish you could feel?:
  • Really alive, present, in flow and fully experiencing your true self in all areas of your life.
  • Empowered with the innate healing abilities your body is capable of.
  • At peace with what life has already brought, is currently bringing and may eventually bring your way knowing you have all the resources and skills to successfully navigate it.
  • Authentic genuine health on all levels of your being propelling you through the life you desire.
  • Inspired and excited to be alive within this dynamic and energized point in time within the universe.
Your Higher Self has led you here, knowing that there is more for you. Why settle for less.

We are here to say, “your resonance matters!” and recognize the beauty and need for your unique expression in this universe. Life is a gift and it’s time you experience it from the truest space of health, vitality and unconditional love.

This program is for you if you are nodding at the screen reading the above saying OMG Yes that’s me…. Help me find myself and true resonance!!

AND it's for you if …

  • You want to feel empowered by a health approach that actually understands and listens to you.
  • You would love to learn how to be your own source of health and fulfillment.
  • You enjoy healing in the setting of your choice whether you're in the comfort of your own home or out in nature.
  • You would like simple, practical and effective practices and techniques to experience true healing
  • You are ready to invest your money in something that actually works and achieves the results you desire

What's Included In This Membership

The Master Guide Membership uses a combination of free access and self exploration to support you in achieving a state of true resonance within all levels of your being. All done at your own pace!

The program/Memberships and the platform includes:

  • Transformational tools and techniques that understand your multidimensional healing needs within the Master Guide
  • Tips and tricks to support your unique health and wellness style
  • Connection to a conscious community and forum to experience the collective healing power with others
  • Updates on weekly resonance gifts from the creators themselves
  • Access to Fullscripts full catalog with a 10% discount on ALL supplements
  • Opportunities to connect for one on one consulting when you need or want it
  • PLUS Experience our other personal and group Offerings and Healing Sessions for even more profound experiences..

What You'll Achieve

  • A physical state of being characterized by groundedness in knowing where you end and begin giving rise to complete freedom to move and be You.
  • Awareness of your emotional energy and a full understanding of how to use your emotions as a superpower
  • A clear and fresh new outlook on how you ultimately co-create your reality and life experience.
  • Potential for healing deep wounds and to experience wholeness within yourself
  • A deeper understanding of your unique gifts and purpose while also appreciating your connection to the greater whole.
  • A state of conscious personal mastery and embodied presence within your body, heart, mind and soul to support your own unique style of living

How It's Delivered

Upon signing up, you'll be asked to create your own unique “LOG IN” for our membership portal.
From there, you'll be able to access the following components at your leisure.

The Resonate Health Master Guide, the living field and eternally evolving source of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and alchemical techniques and resources.

Pre-recorded videos, audio recordings, handouts, educational materials and many more transformational tools, tips and guidance

This program isn’t for you if you..

Have certain health conditions, so check out our Terms..(link)

Refuse to take responsibility for yourself and the choices you make in life and for your health..

Would rather remain in your current situation and experience of suffering.

Are not open to new ideas and perspectives on your health.

Cannot accept the possibility or be curious of how your state of health and well-being is connected to your physical groundedness, emotions, underlying mindset and soul.

Are not willing to perform or participate in the necessary techniques from the Master Guide designed to create a significant shift within your resonance and health patterns.

Join Us

The Master Guide Membership gives you unlimited access to the entire Resonate Health Master Guide, a living field and eternally evolving source of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and alchemical techniques and resources. This is the ultimate resource of body, heart, mind and soul healing knowledge designed to optimize your Resonate Health journey of transformation and self-discovery.

Enjoy pre-recorded videos, audio recordings, handouts, resource materials and many more transformational tools, tips and information at your fingertips. You are invited to join our weekly Resonate Health Community Forum where the co-creators will field Q&A and conduct special collective group healing experiences. You may also take advantage of our FullScript 10% discount for your supplements!

This program is best for someone who is pretty comfortable with independent guidance and self intuition. You are capable of tuning into yourself for what you need to create your own program and are comfortable with self-guided growth, knowing we are here if you need us.


Our Story

Co-creating Resonate Health, has been a challenge, gift and opportunity to step into the highest resonance and vibration of ourselves, to ultimately be of service to you. We both are traditionally trained Doctors of Physical Therapy and consider each other “nerds”with the amount of continuing education and self exploration we both enjoy. Check out our in-depth educational explorations and studies here. (link to extra page connected to Bio?)

We believe it was divine guidance that led Kori to work for Heather’s successful private Physical Therapy practice, where Resonate Health was born. We love learning, expanding and pushing each other to the edges of the healing process. It is with unconditional love, reverence and truth that a relationship of such nature may exist to flow together and create the essence that is Resonate Health. We have concluded that the creation of Resonate Health is meant to be a shared soul mission sourced from the collective power of each of our unique gifts and talents.

We know the Resonate Health approach will guide you in re-writing your health story and is destined to be experienced by the collective consciousness right now. Living and using the Resonate Health Master Guide has enabled us to, personally and professionally, help many take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. It’s a way of living that empowers you and lets you experience what it truly means to be alive. We hope you find the Resonate Health Master Guide to be a light on your journey home, illuminating the true you that lives within.

We are excited to share with you the Resonate Health approach and serve as your guide for this intentional and conscious way of living.

We trust that the abundance of knowledge and tools within the membership you choose will help you embody your true essence and thrive in health!

Real People - Inspiring results

Master Guide Member
“My personalized healing program has reintroduced me to a lost (core) inner strength I’ve lived too long without leveraging. I can’t imagine being this far in my journey without their guidance and diverse healing techniques. Grateful is an understatement.
Master Guide Member
Working with the Resonate Health approach has, simply put, improved my quality of life. My personalized program has focused on healing beyond my physical body, facilitating whole-self healing through nutrition, meditation, self reflection, breathing, and postural awareness.
Master Guide Member
It is a whole new approach to healing, which is much more successful and no side effects. Here they don’t just heal the symptoms, they go deep to the root of the problem one step at the time. I recommend that you go there with an open mind and embrace a new method of healing and treatment to fully benefit from it.
Master Guide Member
Each session surprises me with the comprehensiveness of techniques/therapies. And the benefit of the treatment extends beyond my back and beyond the physical alone. We are definitely an integration of body, heart, mind, soul with each affecting the other. I feel that I am in very good hands.


The Resonate Health approach is unlike any other method out there as we have combined science, spirituality and ancient, modern, western, and eastern ways. It's incredible but it’s okay if it may overwhelm you!

We invite your feelings and skepticism and acknowledge that we all start in some degree of unawareness until the truth is illuminated.

Allow us to shine a light of transparency on the Resonate Health approach and answer any questions you may have before committing.

The Resonate Health approach is suitable for anyone really looking to live a conscious and intentional life. If you have:
  • Physical symptoms-pain, fatigue, low energy, limited movement, poor digestion, disturbed/unrestful sleep
  • Emotional symptoms-depression, anxiety, frustration, stress, overwhelmed
  • Mental symptoms-Ruminating or intrusive thoughts, feeling disempowered in your life, difficulty setting boundaries and forming healthy relationships
  • Soul symptoms-feel unfulfilled in life, unsure of your life’s purpose or the meaning of life, feel disconnected from self, others and the world around
  • A readiness for change, openness for new perspectives
  • Difficulty being in the present moment and staying in flow with the ups and downs that life brings your way
Then the Resonate Health approach is for you!
  • Yes! If you have health issues you can still participate in the Resonate Health Membership and we believe the Resonate Health approach can help! Refer to our Conditions and Considerations information for specific health situations that need to be reviewed prior to signing up.
  • To be aware of the ways Resonate Health is able to appropriately support you, please refer to our Terms of Service.
  • The Resonate Health approach has the potential for profound and substantial healing and detox responses, if you have any questions regarding your appropriateness or safety in participation, Please contact us here.
  • The Master Guide is an eternally evolving source of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and alchemical techniques and resources. With the Master Guide Membership you have full access to all the materials and regular updates made to the guide. The guide is here to be used when you need it or as a resource to navigate the ups and downs of life.
  • If you are a Master Guide Member and feel you have really mastered the Resonate Health approach and Conscious Personal Mastery, and no longer desire access to the Resonate Health Master Guide then consider connecting with us to collaborate and/or join creative forces! Contact us.
Sure! You have the free will to choose the relationships you participate in and if you feel like Resonate Health is not a good fit for you at this time we support your decision to discontinue our relationship. Sometimes people need to pause or take a break and then return at a later time. We trust in the flow of what life brings our way or directs us to take another way. Before leaving, we would greatly appreciate some feedback as to why you are choosing to cancel at this time.
Access the Resonate Health Master guide through your membership portal dashboard, once you create a unique login.
  • This is about you! As much as we want to help others, healing is an individual choice experienced at our own pace. The more you resonate health within yourself the more that coherency will radiate into the life around you. If family or friends are called to explore this approach, we are here to guide them in healing themselves! Consider sharing Resonate Health as a gift this way!
  • Remember you are responsible for You, and have signed the Terms of Service, we trust you will respect our relationship boundaries just as we do.