How to Navigate the Master Guide Using a Physical Resonance Test


Step 1. Center yourself
Centering yourself, is unconditionally aligning with your inner truth.
Master Guide collection to support you in this step:

Once you feel present, aware of your breath and open to receive what you need, continue to step 2.

Step 2. Set your intention

Your intention is the energetic foundation and imprint that you set, that exists in the background while you are actually in the experience of the present moment.

There is always an underlying resonance pattern framing your reality.

It is your choice to consciously set this vibe, or it is unconsciously created by your subconscious conditioned patterns and ways of being.

Once you have set your intention for using your physical resonance test, you may proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Choose a Physical Resonance Test

Use your physical resonance test results as a testing technique to navigate the master guide.

Assess yourself before and after using a Master Guide item to realize the effects of being in your new perceived reality.

Use your test results as a way to ask yes or now questions for what is genuinely aligned with you.

Test yourself before and after any experience, event, activity, gathering with another, consuming a particular food or beverage, etc. and learn about what really supports or inhibits your resonance.

You can also try to test in advance of actually engaging in a particular experience! 

If you would like to get quicker answers for more efficient navigation, consider learning a testing technique.

Step 4. Determine if you need to access additional healing experiences

There are a variety of options and areas within your portal that house healing information that may optimally support your intention.

Use your physical resonance to determine if you need to:

You may also test for the following options for other support and access to healing.

Step 6. Embrace whatever comes up and Resonate Health!
    • Without judgement, accept whatever comes up as a "yes" for you and utilize it as best you can.
    • Appreciate that this is a new approach and unexpected items that may seem random, help in ways you would never imagine!
    • Access your Master Guide favorites, programs, protocols and the Weekly Resonate Health material on your Home Dashboard Portal.
    • Journal to support integration and to remind yourself of your process.

Need more support navigating the guide?