Squat Test


This test is mainly assessing your mobility, flexibility, strength, postural tension, state of your nervous system, breathing pattern and lower body functionality.

At one point in your life you may have squatted correctly but due to our lifestyle of primarily sitting in chairs and couches we rarely experience being on the ground in this position.

Also, for much of human existence we would eliminate in this position which has evolved to the toilet. As a result, we have lost flexibility in our body making the squat a very challenging position for the individual conditioned to modern living.

Watch any young child below the age of 4 and they probably have great squatting mechanics!

It’s time to get your full optimal squat back!

Test Instructions:

  1. Stand with your toes facing forward and feet about shoulder or hip width apart. There should be equal weight between each foot and this should be maintained through the test.
  2. Pretend you are sitting back in a chair moving your hips back and down and slowly lower your bottom towards the ground as low as you can comfortably go while maintaining your heels flat on the ground.
  3. Your knees should not turn outward but stay the same width as your feet and hips.
  4. Pause at the lowest squat position (with your knees in alignment with your feet and hips) you can achieve for ~3 seconds and take note of your position.
  5. Press through your heels and return to a standing position, ideally as you exhale.

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