Biofield Tuning Case Study

In August 2015 this 64-year-old woman was treated by us for an insidious onset of right leg radiculopathy of about 5 weeks duration. However, 4 months earlier she had fallen and dislocated her right jaw. Since then, she had been experiencing balance problems and visual disturbances such as trouble parking her car in a straight line.

Her posture and gait demonstrated a significant amount of trunk and head tilt to the left. She leaned and veered off to the left when walking. At this time, she received sessions utilizing the method of Postural Restoration (PRI) over a 6 week time period. At her final session, she had made very good progress where she was less oriented to the left at her head and trunk but was still not completely aligned. She reported her parking was straighter and was experiencing significantly less pain.

2 years later in July of 2017, she presented to us again with a similar pattern that she had 2 years ago but this time it was more pronounced. What seemed to provoke it was that she had fallen off her bike twice over the past few months. She complained of difficulty walking and balance as well as experiencing visual disturbances (lines on the road moving), problems with depth perception making stair negotiation difficult and light sensitivity. In addition to these issues, she reported low back pain.

She had decreased balance standing on one leg where she could balance on the left ~ 3 sec and on the right ~10 sec. When she laid down on her back her head was oriented ~20 degrees to the left as depicted in the picture below. You can see in the video below that her gait pattern is significantly oriented to the left as well as veering to the left. She also requires sunglasses due to light sensitivity.

The pattern that this individual was posturing in indicated that she was still in a trauma pattern related to falling onto the right side of her face ~ 2.5 years ago further exacerbated by her two most recent falls. Her physical behavior demonstrated an aversion to the right side of her body. To help facilitate the processing of this trauma it was determined to integrate Biofield Tuning.

Prior to receiving Biofield Tuning, 5 minutes of cold laser (Terra Quant Pro at 660, 875, 905 nm) at 5Hz to the right face and forehead was applied. The laser emits coherent light at specific wavelengths and frequencies which can serve as a stimulus to not only facilitate cellular healing (as what it is traditionally intended for) but to also create coherence within the associated biofield.

After the cold laser, 20 minutes of Biofield Tuning was performed working vertically towards the feet and then towards the head. This diagram depicts this intervention pattern.

Immediately after treatment her orientation to the vertical significantly changed from 20 to 10 degrees.

Before Biofield Tuning Picture

After Biofield Tuning Picture

Her gait also significantly improved, demonstrating better orientation to the vertical as depicted in the videos below.

Before Biofield Tuning

After Biofield Tuning

She returned to therapy 10 days later and demonstrated very good carryover from the first session as indicated in the first picture below where her head is much more vertically aligned. The treatment rendered during the 2nd session incorporated 5 minutes of tactile vibration to the right face and head using 54.18 Hz and 62.64 Hz tuning forks followed by 20 minutes of Biofield Tuning working vertically towards the head followed by approaching the right side of the head. Here is the schematic:

Head Angle Before Treatment #2

 Gait Before Treatment #2

Gait After Treatment #2

You can see in the before and after gait videos a significant improvement in trunk rotation and arm swing. She has also removed her sunglasses indicating less light sensitivity.

3 weeks after her 2nd session (1 month after the first session) she returned for visit #3. She reported “I am doing better and not listing to the left or feeling dizzy anymore. I still see the lines on the road sometimes cross over and have some trouble doing 1 leg poses in Yoga, on each side.”

The picture and video below demonstrate her presentation prior to treatment #3 and the carryover from the prior session. Her head position is straight and she has maintained improved trunk rotation and arm swing.

Head Angle Before Treatment

Before Treatment

At this point, it was determined that the trauma associated with her fall had been appropriately processed as indicated by her straight vertical orientation. Her primary complaint and objective limitation was balance, particularly on the left leg. The focus of treatment was thus redirected and Postural Restoration training was initiated to improve her ability to ground and balance.

She received 15 minutes of Postural Restoration teaching her how to properly activate and integrate her left hamstring, abdominals, diaphragm, and right gluteus maximus which resulted in an immediate and positive improvement in her left single leg balance ability.

Left Leg Balance Before Treatment #3

Right Leg Balance Before Treatment #3

Left Leg Balance After Treatment #3

2 weeks later she presented for her 4th session reporting good improvement with her balance but her parking still seemed to be a little off. Treatment this session consisted of continued progressive Postural Restoration training. Her 5th visit was 2 months later (5 months after her initial first visit). Below are videos of her gait and left single leg balance at the start of this final session.

Gait Before Treatment #4

L Single Leg Balance Before Treatment #4

What is special about this case study is that it had a control because this individual was seen for the same issues in 2015 and again in 2017. Her 2015 course of treatment did not include Biofield Tuning and only consisted of Postural Restoration. Even though she made adequate progress during this time, she still postured to the left in space at the time of her final 2015 session.

When she presented again in 2017 her symptoms were more profound than in 2015 but her 2017 treatment course of treatment integrated Biofield Tuning and Postural Restoration resulting in a far superior outcome.

One may argue that it was merely the sound-evoked by the tuning forks at specific areas around her body that redirected this individual to a more neutral orientation. What makes Biofield Tuning special is that it has therapeutic elements that translate over into both our energetic and physical sensory realms, particularly when performed in person. The sound and tactile sensory stimuli generated via the unweighted (sound only) and weighted forks (applied directly to the body) provide both a coherent energetic and neurosensory stimulus that can be therapeutic in nature. Furthermore, when combined these dimensions are likely to create even more potential for beneficial change.

Whether Biofield Tuning is conducted in person or remotely at a distance, when the tuning forks are actively engaged within an individual’s biofield the sound and sensation of the fork change depending on the level of coherence or incoherence in the recipient’s biofield. The experience of the facilitator performing the tuning is analogous to simultaneously listening to a record while reading it via Braille. If there is a lot of static or dissonance in the biofield the facilitator will be able to sense this through the vibrational feeling in the fork as well as hear it in the sound. Incoherence feels like resistance and sounds off-key thus providing information about the nature of that aspect of the biofield. Therefore,  the tuning forks used in Biofield Tuning act as both a translator and a metronome to help redirect and cue it to become “in-tune.”

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