A Message from the Creators

A Message from the Creators


To You and your Higher Self,

Resonate Health is here in service of the Light, You, and was created with Unconditional Love.

We set the intention that this platform and space may serve your highest and greatest good bringing you into alignment with your multidimensional resonance.


Resonate Health is here to nourish and develop an environment and community of conscious personal mastery, transformational growth, evolution, healing, thriving and living!    

Joining and actively participating as a member of the Resonate Health community involves consciously choosing to focus on your health and intentionally empowering yourself to resonate with your inner truth and soul essence. When you embody your true resonance, you express yourself and allow life to flow through you in your own unique irreducible ways. 


Your power is embedded within the opportunity to heal from your health issues, life challenges, traumas and wounds. This choice takes great courage as it involves illuminating the darkness that lives within you. When you heal darkness, you create even more light.

Healing is working for the light which is a big deal and not to be overlooked or under-appreciated. This light resonates not just within you but everywhere in the universe. It’s magic and because it came from you, that means you are magic too.


We acknowledge the challenges of life, the hardships, the traumas and the dark forces at play when it comes to healing. Even when faced with the darkest aspects of life or yourself, we are here for you along your journey as a thread of pure light to guide your way through any experience. 

We want to express our gratitude to you for participating in Resonate Health, for trusting your Higher Self brought you here for a reason and for being the true you in this life. We thank you for choosing Resonate Health, and encourage you to thank yourself for choosing to live aligned with your truest self in this life! 


As you integrate and embody your truth in your life, your resonance generates energy that ripples, expands and consciously unfolds into all that surrounds you, into those that you are connected to in community and to the edges of the universe. 

You're that powerful, and we can’t wait to experience your magic! 


Much Love,
Heather and Kori