Breathing Test


This test has many names including the Buteyko Control Pause Test, BOLT Test and the Breathing Condition Test.

It is mainly assessing your relationship with carbon dioxide, relative breathing volume and breathing tolerance with physical exercise.

Test Instructions:

  1. Take a normal breath in and out through your nose. Do not take a bigger breath in beforehand.
  2. Pinch your nose closed after you finish your normal exhale to prevent air from entering.
  3. Count how many seconds it takes until you feel an initial sign of air hunger. Air hunger sensations may include involuntary movements such as a jerk from your stomach muscles or contraction of muscles around your neck. This may be a mild or moderate air hunger sensation.
  4. When you notice the first signs of air hunger and feel the urge to take a breath, release your nose and gently breathe in.
  5. Take note of your time.

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