Safety, Healing and Detox Support

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This information serves to support you through any potential re-patterning and healing releases and detoxification responses that you might experience in your health journey

Safety, Healing and Detox Support Contents: 

What is detox? (HC’s original is on this page ) (click to this article) 

Detoxification = the process of removing toxic substances, so the true you may thrive.

Re-patterning and healing releases, and detox responses indicate you are letting go of what is no longer serving you. This is fantastic and an integral part of the healing journey, although sometimes the experience can be challenging to manage. 

In the Yin/Yang symbol, the detox portion of the healing process may be viewed as the darker side of the symbol. Integration through appropriate detox may not be experienced as the “fun” part of healing but it is needed to complete the process. The symbol would not be whole unless this aspect of healing was present. The light needs the dark just as we need the detox portion of the healing process to completely realize our true selves.(maybe we add a little info on our logo here, something about the under portion of the circle being some aspect of detox or shadow work, could be cute. Instead of the yin/yang analogy) 

When you integrate the Resonate Health approach, your personalized program or any other of our offerings, you begin to align yourself and your resonance. This allows you and your body to get rid of the extra physical, mental and emotional baggage you carry, which can be stored in your organs, tissues, cells and biofield. 

Without appropriate detoxification support the various toxins of all kinds stay inside you, circulating to find another home in vulnerable areas of your body. This typically creates dis-ease and wreaks havoc on your ability to function and heal, while promoting the cycle to start again. 

To be the more vital and true You, you have to get rid of anything that isn’t organically You. 

At the physical level, this includes fat cells, parasites, bad bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, plastic, chemicals, calcifications, backed up digestive bloating and feces, electromagnetic frequency radiation, etc. 

At the emotional and mental levels this includes trapped emotions, self-limiting beliefs, ancestral and familial trauma patterning being held within your body and mind. 

At the soul level this may include stuck aspects or pieces of you that may remain in traumatized events creating energetic and electromagnetic static, congestion and dissonance in your biofield. 

As you awaken to your soul connection, you can potentially experience an existential crisis about who you really are which at times can create distress and confusion. The Resonate Health approach appreciates that true healing is done on your terms and is here to support you in accessing what you need when you need it. 

We have A LOT of detoxing to do because of our current and long standing societal norms and way of living. 

The food and beverages we consume and our everyday environments are laden with toxic chemicals and substances, whether you are aware of it or not! (can we link a vetted source of food awareness..) 

Toxins of all kinds also get passed onto us from our parents and in the womb

We consume these harmful toxins in many ways that we are unaware of on a daily basis. 

The human body is quite resilient but the cumulative effects of repetitive toxic overloads day after day and year after year can weigh you down with health effects eventually showing up. 

For some this happens earlier or later in life with varying degrees of severity depending on your own unique everything

Many first note this as signs of “getting old,” noticing they recover more slowly and feel sluggish and/or “off” for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, many accept that this is the way life is and believe you will never feel as good as you once did. 

Part of the reason why you feel this way is because of this heavy junk that has found a home in your body, heart, and head which weighs down your spirit, and pulls you out of your resonance, or out of tune.

We are here to break this limiting body and belief cycle and enable you to take your vitality back through the power of detox! 

As a friendly reminder, be gentle on yourself and give yourself mercy! You are consciously choosing to work on yourself and sometimes the detoxification response shows us how much we suppressed, repressed and dealt with over the years. You are now deciding to handle things differently and live in a way that feels more aligned with you. 

Detoxing and Healing allows you to feel strong, flexible, hydrated, nourished, calm, clear, energized and just plain healthy – how you want to ultimately feel! 

It is time to release these toxins and restore yourself to the True You! 

Congratulations and Happy Detoxing! 


What do we detox?

Physical Level 
  • fat cells, and all that is stored inside these cells  
  • parasites, 
  • bad bacteria, 
  • viruses, 
  • heavy metals, 
  • plastic, 
  • chemicals, pesticides 
  • calcifications, 
  • backed up digestive bloating and feces, 
  • electromagnetic frequency radiation, dirty electricity, wifi
  • And more!
Emotional, Mental and Soul Levels 
  • Trapped emotions
  • Self-limiting beliefs 
  • Ancestral and family trauma patterning 
  • Unprocessed trauma, unresolved distress 
  • Stuck aspects of pieces of yourself and personality left in previous events 
  • Energetic and electromagnetic static, congestion and dissonance in your biofield 
  • And more!


Some potential detox and healing responses: 

Physical  Emotional/Mental  Soul
Increased bowel frequency, diarrhea/loose stool Crying, maybe like you never have let yourself before Confusion about who you really are and your purpose in life 
Skin blemishes, rashes, acne    Extreme & overwhelming emotions; feeling the most intense version of “the feeling,” which may feel foreign.   Distress or angst accompanying a realization that the world may not operate as you previously perceived. 
Increased body odor Overall moodiness, increased irritability and ease of being triggered
Fatigue, increased need for sleep Feeling a flush or rush of intense energy in the body; vibration, tingling, jittery or shaking feeling inside.
Headaches Emotional rollercoaster feeling; intense and fast fluctuations of feelings and moods
Body aches Suppressed emotions and energy can be held in adipose tissue. If there is extensive adipose tissue, unpredictable and strong emotional releases and/or uncomfortable detox responses can occur
Cold/Flu like symptoms Really noticing intrusive and self-limiting thought patterns
Rushes of hot or cold temperatures in the body
Feeling thirsty


3 Steps to optimize your safety, healing and detox support:

  1. Spend a moment centering yourself with your breath to be present and clear
  2. Set your Intention:
    • Eg. “I appropriately manage any healing and detox experiences with ease, comfort and appropriate support, and will be guided within this information to the aspects that continue to make this process and integration easier.”
  3. Select an item from the Master Guide categories below:

Resonate Health Master Guide Items for Detox and Healing Support 

Breathing Body Scan Boundary Relaxing/ Safe Place
processing/channeling emotions Meditation from resourcing safety page
TLR Supine 90/90 feet on the wall breathing
Foundational Supplement Support Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Thyroid Healing Smoothie Liver Rescue Smoothie
Celery Juice Eat Clean Hydrotherapy/




Creating Your space
Energy Techniques
Biofield Tuning –Calm down now EFT Detox experience Biofield Tuning – Safety 
Biofield Tuning – Suicide/Self-harm patterns Resourcing Unconditional Love (this has meditation, reflection and knowledge)
–Link a variety of medical medium and other nutrition books – see amazon product list for links 

–link articles?

– Resourcing Safety

Supportive Release Techniques:

  • Perform any exercises or breathing activities prescribed to you in your program
  • Use your Reflection and Notebook Section to document any and all detox and healing responses. This helps you keep track of what you are feeling, when and where in your body it might be held. This area is also where we recommend you document what method you used to make yourself feel better. Journaling the experience will help the processing and integration evoking important insight for you to reflect on as you evolve. 
  • Nature! Get out in Nature and reconnect with your senses. 
  • Move your body! Dance, shake, jump, jiggle, walk, etc. 
  • Hum, Tone, Yell and/or scream into a pillow. *Be mindful of your vocal cords! We are releasing for self love but aggressive screaming can irritate and injure the vocal cords. Be gentle on yourself if you feel the need to release a primal moan, growl, groan or cry. 
  • Hit or squeeze a pillow. *Be mindful of your body during this type of physical release. This release is good but if done too aggressively or intensely it might hurt your body. This could turn into a method of self harm which sends the wrong message to yourself if you are working to rewrite your health story and release emotions. If you feel this method would turn into a subconscious self harming technique, we recommend you use a different support release technique. 
  • Take a relaxing epsom salt bath or shower. The epsom salt restores charge to your body while assisting in releasing and washing off anything that no longer serves you.
  • Paint, write, sing! From the deepest pains come the most beautiful creations! Is there an avenue of creation through expression that is calling you? 

Want or need some extra guidance and support through your healing and detox reactions? We are here to assist you through every step! Contact us here to set up a consultation. (Calendly consulting LINK)


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